Wednesday, January 6, 2010

T-minus 2 days!!!

So, I've been sitting here and making a list of all the things I need to pack up for our trip this weekend. I am so afraid that I'll forget something.  Like, I'll wake up Saturday morning and realize I forgot a hair band or my shoes. (I read about this guy in Runner's World who forgot his shoes and ended up running an entire marathon in hikers. Ouch!) So, I'm making a list. A list definitely makes me feel more calm. "Ohmmm." <---That's me trying to relax. I think it's working.

I ran my last training run today on the indoor track at the local community center. It was just 30 min + some speed intervals so I figured running around .125 mile track wouldn't drive me too crazy.  (That track is SO short!)  Well, the track didn't bother me so much but the people...oh, the people!!  The track is basically four lanes between a brick wall and guardrails- walkers in lanes 1 and 2, runners in lanes 3 and 4- at least that's what it says on the wall.  I can't even tell you how many times I would be slowed down because of walkers four abreast (totally had to look that word up) seemingly walking shoulder to shoulder with no room to squeeze through.  So annoying!!  I tried to not-so-subtly clear my throat and they usually noticed me and let me through but, even so, I just couldn't get in a real good groove, you know?  That would never happen out on the wide-open road.  A track is just too limiting for my "every-run-is-freedom" type of attitude.  Anyway, right now- indoor track = way too many people with new year's resolutions.  Maybe I'll go back in a few weeks when things have died down a bit.  Or just stay on the treadmill until the snow goes away... Sigh.

In happier news- I finally X'd out the last workout on my marathon training plan that has been on the fridge for the past 4 months!!! WahOo!

I went ahead an marked off tomorrow's rest day and 20 min easy workout for Friday (which I'm opting not to do.)  Just glorious rest for the next 2 days. Ahhhhh!

Off to go pack and get some sleep!


  1. I remember how good it felt for my 'type A' personality to cross off the last square on my training plan. Good luck on your marathon! You only get one first marathon, so try to enjoy it as much as possible.

  2. Good luck on your FIRST marathon!!! Looking forward to reading how it went.

  3. What a JOY to be able to cross it off and be so close to your goal.. I am super excited for you Alicia..

  4. I am definitely a list person too! For the "away" races I usually end up writing a least a couple of lists! Wow. Forgetting the shoes would be the worst! I probably would have cried :)
    My gym was UBER crowded too last night; practically every cardio machine was being used. At least the crowds will thin out in the next couple of weeks! (i hope)

  5. Here are a few tips:

    1. Make a list and check it twice, thrice and one more time for extra measure. :)

    2. Don't spend a significant time at the expo, go there, get your packet, look around and get out. Stay off those legs. REST, REST, REST!!!

    3. Even though it's the big day try to think about it like it's a regular long run day. Don't try anything new or do anything you wouldn't normally do before a big run.

    4. Slap a smile on your face and look in the mirror, tell yourself that today is going to be your day! Positive attitude is SO UNBELIEVABLY IMPORTANT!!!

    5. Enjoy every minute of the race, the spectators, the course, the volunteers. Say thank you to everyone who can hear you, their smiles will help keep a smile on your face as well! If possible taunt the spectators/volunteers - If you see someone with a cowbell tell them you need more! Believe me, hammming it up makes it that much more fun for you, the runner's around you and the spectators!

    6. Be proud of yourself no matter what your time when you finish! Finishing IS Winning and that is all that matters. When you cross that finish line you just changed your life, you just became a MARATHONER!!!

    Best of luck! Have a fabulous day! I can't wait to hear how you did!!!

  6. So exciting! Good luck on your marathon this weekend.

  7. Good luck this weekend! Remember the 4 months of training is the hard part, be sure to enjoy the race as much as you can!

  8. Congrats on your MARATHON!!!!

  9. Good luck this weekend! Remember the 4 months of training is the hard part, be sure to enjoy the race as much as you can!