Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alicia Runs?

This video is of me at the finish line of the Turkey Trot 5k I did on Thanksgiving Day '11 and the last time that I ran pain-free. *sigh*

Running injuries are part of the sport but a part that I've never really had to deal with before. I've been basically running without injury for 6 years.  Well, I did have a small bout with IT band issues a couple years back but I easily recovered in a couple weeks. (Thank you, foam roller.)

On Thanksgiving Day,  I ran a 5k and then went for a leisurely 6-7 mile walk with my family. About 4 miles into our walk, my heel started to ache. Not a lot, just felt like a bruise or something. I didn't figure it was a big deal. Fast forward 5 weeks later and it's still hurting. I've run 3 times since Thanksgiving, each run more painful then the one before. I finally saw a doctor and got the diagnosis I expected- Plantar Fasciitis. Nards.

So, Alicia Runs?  Not so much right now.  I'm hoping that seeing a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries and ART (active release technique) will get me back out on the road.  I'm optimistic. :) 

Friends- don't take today's run for granted.  Every day you get to run is a GREAT day!  I'll join you again soon.