Monday, May 30, 2011

What runners do on a long weekend

Memorial Day weekend has proved to be a busy running weekend for me. And you know me, this is just the type of busy that I like to be.

I started the weekend with a 10 miler on Friday night, my last double digit run before Utah Valley Marathon.  Let me just say- it did not start out well.  Right before I headed out, I realized my Garmin was dead, so I stuck it on the charger and jumped on the treadmill while it charged.  Every few minutes my boys would walk in the room and need something.  I ended up doing 3.5 on the treadmill, with multiple interruptions from my boys, before I hopped off, strapped on the Garmin and headed out to finish up.  Once outside, it ended up being a pretty good run. Nice. And. Quiet. With no kids asking me to fix the Wii remote. Or get them a drink. Or telling on their brother for saying butt. Apparently, even with Dad right downstairs, they'd rather talk to a breathless Mom. Go figure. I did another 6.5, out and back, before I felt sane enough to come back to the craziness at home. There's something symbolic about running away from it all and turning around to run home. ;)

Lehi 13th 5k
That run behind me, I set my sights on the neighborhood 5k the next morning. I was determined to have the boys run it so that we could do it as a family. Firstborn and Little Red weren't really all that excited when I woke them up early the next morning. I was trying my best to pump them up on the way to the park. "You guys are going to run a race with Mommy!" "You are awesome runners!"  "I'm so excited for you!" "Are you excited?!" "Get excited!"  Um, yeah, not really that excited, Mom. Oh well. I tried.

What I learned about how to race from my 9 yr old:
  1. Start so fast that not even elite runners could possibly keep up.  
  2. 100 yards later- walk, try to not throw up and complain about your knees and back hurting.
  3. Repeat for another 3.05 miles.
I have NEVER seen so much wasted energy in a 5k. Holy Toledo! I was trying to teach him about pacing but he just told me that I wasn't letting him run. Then, every time we ran he would shake his head from side to side. (What are you doing, child?) I tried it, too, but it made me dizzy. And you can forget about running in a straight line! He was all over the place. Haha. Gonna have to work on that focus.  After 3.1 miles of race ADD, we finished in 51:50.  He was really proud of himself and got lots of high-fives at the finish line. I really hope he'll want to do another one.  As a mommy runner, that was so fun for me!  And I'm already having dreams of us finishing a marathon together someday. Well, without all the crazy head shaking.

Run for Remembrance 10k
This morning, I ran my 3rd 10k. Yep, I've run more races than you could shake a stick at, but only my 3rd 10k.  Not sure why, but 10ks just aren't my favorite.  (Anyone else?)  Anyway, I got a facebook invite to a free 10k on Memorial Day so I thought "Why not? I've got a tempo run to do that day so might as well."  Also, you can't beat a free race!  It was super cold (in the 30s) and rainy when I arrived at the start line.  I nearly turned right around and went home.  I ran into a few friends, though, and soon the rain was letting up.   My last-minute goal for this last-minute race was to run at an 8:30 pace.  After 2 uphill miles, I thought that maybe that was a bit aggressive of a goal but we evened out and the rest of the race was flat or downhill besides one big hill through the cemetery at about mile 5.  I finished in 51:34 on a slightly short course and averaged a pace of exactly 8:30! Nice!
At the start. See the umbrellas and cold weather wear. Icky weather!  By the way, total fail on taking pics this weekend. Geesh! What kind of blogger am I?
Love that I PRed but do you want to know why I'm most excited about today's run? I HIT 100 MILES IN A MONTH FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!  I've officially run 103.7 miles in the month of May! Holla'!

What did you do this weekend??


  1. oh my gosh I can NOT run on the treadmill while me kids are awake. someone ALWAYS need something, every five minutes!!
    CONGRATS on the 100 miles!!!!!!

  2. Congrats on hitting 100 miles in May! That's so awesome!! Sounds like quite a busy weekend for you. I ran once, but it was the first time I've run outside since my injury and it went well, so I was very happy!

  3. ahhhhh!!!! i was at the 10k!!! crazy! it really was cold and the hills at the beginning were killer but loved the finish...and running through the cemetery at the end was really an amazing touch to the race!

  4. Way to go on all your races!!! You're description of running with your son cracks me up!!!

    Way to go on 100 miles!!!! Whooo hoo!!

  5. 100 miles in a month- WOW! Congratulations, that is sooooo awesome!!!! And, way to go on the races-especially in the cold and rain. You are such a trooper!!!
    In my mind I went running, but in reality, I was home in bed sick the whole weekend. Can't wait to get back out on the road this week.
    Thanks for such great posts.

  6. Congrats on hitting 100 miles in May! That's so awesome!! Sounds like quite a busy weekend for you. I ran once, but it was the first time I've run outside since my injury and it went well, so I was very happy!