Monday, May 21, 2012

KEEN Giveaway winner!

And the winner of the Mommy and Me KEEN shoes giveaway is...
Comment #12!  And it belongs to KATHERINE CLARK BROWN!  Congrats, Katherine! Email me at aliciaruns @ hotmail . com to claim your prize!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last chance KEEN shoes giveaway!

I pick a winner tomorrow!!  Click HERE to see how to enter.

Do. It. NOW!! :)

Win these for your little one!

And these for you!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

KEEN Shoes Giveaway!

Just a reminder to check out my KEEN shoes giveaway HERE. 

Win a pair for you and your little one!

Contest runs 'til Monday, May 21st!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{cross}fit to be tied

I just got home from my 5th on-ramp CrossFit workout.  (These are the newbie workouts where you learn how to do all the moves before you actually join the real class.  Just one more class before I'm ready to grad-jee-ate!)  Today we did shoulder presses in a couple different variations, each harder than the first.  At one point I asked the trainer if my lack of ability to get the bar up One.More.Time meant I was too weak mentally or too weak physically?  He said physically. Hmmm, I guess that's the better one...

Anywho, if you haven't guessed it already- I'm still not running.  Well, I am running 3-4 mile stretches at a time. I guess what I mean is I'm still not training.  No races in sight. I sold both of the marathon entries that I had bought for this spring.  Eh. Whatcha gonna do.  I've signed up for CrossFit while my heel heals. (Heel heals?)  Although, I've already pulled a muscle working out there so I'm not really sure it is the best way to get better.  It will keep my mind off of the races I'm missing, though. And that's worth the $100/mo, in my opinion.  Maybe I will even find some long lost muscles while I'm at it.

You could say that I've been avoiding my blog because it's too sad a reminder that I'm not running a marathon next weekend. And you'd be right. Mostly. I've also just stopped prioritizing my blog posts and a crazy thing happened- I started prioritizing other things right in it's place! For shame! I know, I know.  But enough about Facebook, on to why I'm posting today.


Yep. contacted me a couple of months ago to host a Mommy and Me giveaway for KEEN shoes.  After I checked out the shoes online, I knew this was a giveaway I wanted to be involved with.  Cute stuff!  (And something for this stinker, too!)

So, after a tough, tough decision, I picked out the very cute KEEN Auckland mary janes for myself and the very durable Coronado Lace shoes for Little Red.  I got them a couple of days ago and right away, was really impressed with the style of the shoes. I'm a comfort-over-style kind of mom so I wear my running shoes all.the.time.  But guess what? These shoes are cute and comfortable. Bonus!  In fact, I'm wearing them now.  Let me just get the laptop to the floor to take a pic...

Cute, right?  Little Red wore his shoes to school the other day and I asked him how they felt when he got home and he said (with all the enthusiasm over shoes that a 6 yr old can muster), "They felt fine."  haha Well, they looked cute and I *heart* the rubber toe, especially for him. They will surely take a beating and they def look like they can handle it.  Let me see if I can get him to try them on for you guys...

Sockless Joe
You can't see the shoes as well as I had hoped but I think that is about all the modeling I'm going to get out of him.  Trust me when I tell you they are just what you want in a pair of shoes for your little one. Sturdy and stylish.

On to how you can win these shoes for yourself-

1) Be a follower on this blog. Leave a comment telling me how much you miss me!  (Okay, okay. I won't make you do that. Just tell me you are a follower.) ;)

2) Check out KEEN on and let me know in a 2nd comment what you think you'll like about KEEN shoes.

A lucky random winner will win their own pair of Women's KEEN Auckland Mary Janes and kids' KEEN Coronado Lace in whatever size or color you'd like. Nice!

(U.S. Residents only.)

Disclaimer: KEEN provided the shoes to me free of charge to review. The opinions are my own.

Good luck!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alicia Runs?

This video is of me at the finish line of the Turkey Trot 5k I did on Thanksgiving Day '11 and the last time that I ran pain-free. *sigh*

Running injuries are part of the sport but a part that I've never really had to deal with before. I've been basically running without injury for 6 years.  Well, I did have a small bout with IT band issues a couple years back but I easily recovered in a couple weeks. (Thank you, foam roller.)

On Thanksgiving Day,  I ran a 5k and then went for a leisurely 6-7 mile walk with my family. About 4 miles into our walk, my heel started to ache. Not a lot, just felt like a bruise or something. I didn't figure it was a big deal. Fast forward 5 weeks later and it's still hurting. I've run 3 times since Thanksgiving, each run more painful then the one before. I finally saw a doctor and got the diagnosis I expected- Plantar Fasciitis. Nards.

So, Alicia Runs?  Not so much right now.  I'm hoping that seeing a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries and ART (active release technique) will get me back out on the road.  I'm optimistic. :) 

Friends- don't take today's run for granted.  Every day you get to run is a GREAT day!  I'll join you again soon.