Sunday, January 3, 2010

Running from an Angel Marathon 2010- Pre-race Excitement!

I'm stoked because (1) yesterday I got this in the mail--

It's the shirt that I designed and ordered from to wear during the marathon next weekend.
  (It says "My Grandmother, My Angel, My Inspiration"  Then, in smaller print, "Happy Birthday, Maw Maw! This run's for you!" She would have been 86 on marathon day.)

It turned out even better than I thought it would! I definitely got teary-eyed as I tried it on and thought about how excited I am to be running this marathon in my grandmother's memory. Oh, how I miss her.  I'm so thrilled that I was able to find a marathon that fell on her birthday. So perfect!


(2) I just heard from the race director, Joyce Forier, and she said that she would include us and our reason for running this marathon in the pre-race talk.  Wow! Wow! Wow!  I'm just blown away by Calico Racing and Joyce already!  I really appreciate her help in making our first marathon experience truly memorable.  I've read fantastic reviews of all of her events and feel safe in recommending any of the Calico races.  Heck, if Bart says she's good then SHE'S GOOD!!

By the way, can I just say that I LOVE carb-loading and I'm already taking advantage of all the no-guilt eating. It's not too early, is it?!


  1. Great shirt and how cool you're running on your grandma's birthday! Some things are meant to be.
    Enjoy the carbs!

  2. Great idea having a shirt like that made. Good luck at your marathon this weekend!

  3. Oh Alicia that is a GREAT shirt!! Both of my Grandmas passed in 2007 and I think of them often when I run, I always hear there little voices "No why would you want to go and run 26 miles honey?" Hehehe

    This sounds like a First Marathon experience you will not soon forget. Takes lots of pictures and smile for the photogs..

    You are in Marathon training, the perks are that you can and should EAT

  4. I love that shirt. I'm sure you'll get lots of comments as you run!

    It is NEVER TOO EARLY to carbo load ... I run to eat!

  5. OMG that is the sweetest shirt ever! I just read the post about your Grandma and there are tears in my eyes! You are going to make her so proud! Good luck girl! I can't WAIT to hear how you did!!!! Carb load up and remember that positive attitude is the key! I can't stress that enough. Start race day CONFIDENT that you will see the finish line and it will be worth all the hard work!

  6. Hi I'm new to your blog :)
    Wow, what a special shirt and a special way to celebrate her memory. She would be so proud.

    Enjoy all the carbs in the world! It's definitely one of the highlights of marathoning :)