Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I got for Christmas

I must be a runner because it's apparently the first thing people think of when trying to come up with a gift idea. Yay for me! My dad bought me Under Armour ColdGear Liner Gloves and these Thorlo socks. I tried them out on my 10 mile run today and I love them both. The gloves kept my hands nice and warm and there is even fleece on the index finger and thumb. You'll never guess why!  Okay, maybe you will but I didn't know that gloves had built-in nose wipes. Gross but necessary, I guess. Especially when the weather is SO cold. But just for the record- I did NOT use this feature but was completely fascinated by it.  The socks were like little pillows for my feet.  Part of me worried that socks that thick couldn't possibly be moisture-wicking even though they claimed to be but they did a great job keeping my feet warm, dry and happy!

My husband bought me 2 running books (The Runner's Rule Book and Running with Angels) and renewed my subscription to Runner's World.  The Runner's Rule Book was one that I had asked for.  It looked entertaining and it has proven to be just that. Funny, quirky and informative.  And definitely a book that only a runner could appreciate. I'm already about halfway through that one.  It's a super easy read.  The 2nd book hubby found while poking around in a running store. It was written by a local woman who ran off over 100 lbs and it talks of her journey.  I'm really excited to read it because I just love those kind of inspirational stories. It seems like every runner has a story to tell. The cover of this book is really cool, too.  It shows a woman running by a lake and then, in the lake, you see her reflection plus the reflection of two children chasing behind her.  The cover just moves me because part of the reason I started running (and continue to run) is for my kids- to be a good example and to live a long and happy life with them at the center of it. I know all the mothers and mothers-to-be can really relate to that sentiment. If a cover of a book can move me this much than I better have some tissues handy when I actually start reading it. Anyway, some thoughtful gifts from the hubster.  (I've been kickin' around the idea of making up a blog name for him. Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one.)

So, happy running Christmas for me.  Oh, and I ran about 5 miles on Christmas day and 10 miles today (the day after) so I'm feeling pretty good.  2 weeks to marathon!


  1. I got the Runner's Rule Book also as well as another runner book. Very excited to read them. Great job for doing 5 on Christmas day!

  2. Oh mu 2 weeks to Marathon.. I get butterflies for you just thing about it. GREAT gifts!!

  3. Great running loot! Try to stay sane in that taper. How about I go crazy for you?