Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 7 and Week 8

Really not much to say about week 7. It was a super easy week of training. Three days of running and the long run was only 6 miles (shorter than my 60 min. moderate run 2 days later.) That 6 miles was REALLY  frigid, though.  I think it was in the 20s when I went out for my run.  My body just doesn't know what to do in cold weather! I start out with gloves and a beanie and a jacket over my running clothes. The jacket is always the first thing to go. I take it off and tie it around my waist usually about 1 or 2 miles into my run. Then my hands start to go numb, like get a little tingly so the gloves have to come off. However, a few minutes later my hands get cold and I have to put them back on. And so it goes for the rest of my run. Gloves on, gloves off. I just have such poor circulation that I can't just warm up and stay warmed up. It's a little annoying mostly because I end up holding my gloves in my hand because I have nowhere else to put them. I have to say that I much prefer running in the warmer months but it is nice to know that the weather won't stop me from getting my training in.

Right now, I'm in week 8 of training and this week is turning out to be really difficult.  Not because of the training schedule but because of the swine flu infecting my house.  Will and the boys all got sick with it this weekend and we are still waiting it out and hoping to get everyone better super quick. Will is back at work after 2 days on sick leave, Coleman is still coughing and on his 3rd day out of school and poor Cooper still has a fever. He's on his 4th day with a fever and cough and he just doesn't seem to be getting better. So, all this leaves me sleep-deprived and in no condition to run. I was able to get in my 40 minute run and form drills in Monday, but I missed yesterday's run and today's cross-training. Hoping I can pull it all together and still get my 14-miler in sometime this weekend. That is, if I don't get sick myself. Which would be a miracle in itself. Moms just don't have time to get sick...

In better news, I was able to recruit enough people for my Ragnar Relay team and we are now registered under the team name "All Over the Pace."  Still lots of work to do between now and then to pull it all together but should be worth it in the end.  Well, better get back to tending to the kids. I think they are watching, like, their 100th episode of Spongebob...


  1. I find it really hard to regulate my body temp, thankfully I can run without taking my gloves off. I have Brooks gloves that breathe really well..umm do gloves breathe?

    WOW oh wow a Marathon in January!! and your first, you are one tough lady..

    "Moms just don't have time to get sick...? No truer words have been spoke. Good luck avoiding the gunk..

  2. I hear ya on the cold weather. Definitely still trying to figure that out. I'm also doing a Ragnar relay next August in Minnesota. Good luck with your training!

  3. Hey send the the date of your first Marathon so I can put it on my Tall Mom calendar.

    I will be doing a post on First Marathon stories tomorrow, good links for you to read..

  4. Hi there. Found your blog through the comment you left on Tall Mom's blog. How exciting that your training for your first marathon. I hope to run a half next year and have total admiration for people who run 26.2! And so cool that you are able to get people to run the marathon with you. I wish I could do the same but sadly no one I know runs :( Looking forward to following your journey. I'm adding you to my reader.