Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Coleman (my 7 yr. old)- "Mom, why are you and Dad so obsessed with running?"

I told him that we are training for a marathon and once it's over with we won't be as "obsessed."  It's funny because I don't feel obsessed but now that I look at it from his perspective I can totally see why he'd say that. We do talk about our training schedules a lot because we are always trying to work around each others daily schedules to fit it all in.  Coleman is a boy who loves routines so he definitely notices when things change, even if only slightly.  And lately, he's noticed a bit more running. :)

First of all, Will is definitely not obsessed. My sweet husband is only doing this marathon to support me and check it off of his "bucket list." I asked him the other day if he likes running, even a little, and he said, "No." It's just a means to an end for him.

For me, it's so much more! Running makes me feel alive!  I just feel such a sense of freedom.  The more I push myself, the more I realize that I can push myself. Or even better, the more I realize that self-imposed limits are useless. It's just such a great way to draw out those feelings of self-confidence in all other areas in your life. Maybe it seems dramatic but I love knowing that when things get hard, I'll push through.  And I get to feel that way every time I run.

The reason I started running in the first place was as a self-treatment for postpartum depression after my 2nd little boy was born.  And it worked! Who knows where I would be if I hadn't put in the work back then when things got hard.  That's not to say that would work for everyone.  I feel some people really do need the help of medication but my husband pushed me to try anything and everything before turning to pills and I'm so glad he did. I fought him a little at the time but I soon realized that he really had my best interest in mind.  And here I am healthy and happy all because I started running and taking care of my body. What a blessing!

So, obsessed-  nah.

Addicted- um, maybe.

Happy- yes, yes, YES!


  1. I don't know that I can say that I'm obsessed with running but I run for the sense of accomplishment and because it is something that I can do for me.

  2. hehehe kids are soooo funny.. It is amazing that running was your way to battle Postpartum... such a cool story..

    My hubby is going to do his first Half Marathon next May, I am sooo excited!