Sunday, January 8, 2012

Alicia Runs?

This video is of me at the finish line of the Turkey Trot 5k I did on Thanksgiving Day '11 and the last time that I ran pain-free. *sigh*

Running injuries are part of the sport but a part that I've never really had to deal with before. I've been basically running without injury for 6 years.  Well, I did have a small bout with IT band issues a couple years back but I easily recovered in a couple weeks. (Thank you, foam roller.)

On Thanksgiving Day,  I ran a 5k and then went for a leisurely 6-7 mile walk with my family. About 4 miles into our walk, my heel started to ache. Not a lot, just felt like a bruise or something. I didn't figure it was a big deal. Fast forward 5 weeks later and it's still hurting. I've run 3 times since Thanksgiving, each run more painful then the one before. I finally saw a doctor and got the diagnosis I expected- Plantar Fasciitis. Nards.

So, Alicia Runs?  Not so much right now.  I'm hoping that seeing a chiropractor that specializes in sports injuries and ART (active release technique) will get me back out on the road.  I'm optimistic. :) 

Friends- don't take today's run for granted.  Every day you get to run is a GREAT day!  I'll join you again soon.


  1. Sorry to hear you're on the injured list.  I'm just coming back after four months off, and it feels great.  You'll be back out there before you know it!

  2. :(  Thinking about you!  Thank you so much for the reminder to not take any run for granted.  I needed to hear that today.

  3. booo. so sorry to hear this friend. its so true about not ever taking anything for granted! its so important to cherish every moment with the ones we love and doing the things we love! hope you heal quickly!

  4. Hate to hear this!  I am currently dealing with an IT issue and have a foam roller--how often do you do it?  Any tips to get it to heal up quickly?  It's pretty mild but it is irritating!  

    Hope you get well soon!

  5. Injuries are SO not fun!! I'm so sorry Alicia!!! Fingers crossed and prayers for a quick recovery.

  6. Hang in their sista! I hope the chiropractor helps you. Mine is the best and has gotten me through lots of similar stuff.

  7. Injuries are not fun.. but get through it and you'll come out stronger in the end.